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Reach out directly to students to check on their progress.
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Students can get lost in a sea of apps. Notifications bring their academics back to the front.
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Submit questions, take photos of homework, and get personalized feedback.
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No pen, no problem. Click and circle what's most important.
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Keep track of how engaged students are and learn where you can add support.
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See all of your students in one place. Interact with them right from there.
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EdCheck gives students the opportunity to get personalized feedback on completed coursework and questions from tutors who care.
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Alex Francis
Los Angeles
Star ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar rating
I really think that EdCheck made a big difference for me because I could send my work in from anywhere and have somebody look over it.
Karla Thomas
San Diego
Star ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar rating
I wasn't sure if school was for me because I wasn't really doing that well. But having EdCheck available for me to use gave me a lot of confidence in my own abilities.
Byron Brooks
Los Angeles
Star ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar rating
It usually takes a lot of effort to find time to meet for full on tutoring. EdCheck is so convenient, all I have to do is send in a picture and my work gets reviewed right on the page.
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Meet Our Crew

Ringo Paul

Developer - Ringo is an I.T. Professional with more than 15 years experience in hardware & software installation, configuration and administration. His regular communication with both technical and non-technical audiences has markedly refined his analytical and problem solving skills with the keen ability to assess needs, define requirements, recommend value added solutions and execute technical resolutions.

David Coneway

Business Advisor - David joined Abry in 2017. He is responsible for analyzing new investments, working with portfolio companies and supporting sale transactions. Prior to joining Abry, he worked in the Mergers & Acquisitions Group at Deutsche Bank focusing on the technology industry. David graduated from Princeton University, where he earned an A.B. in Politics and was a member of the men’s track and field team. He is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Donald Mahoney

Education Advisor - Experienced Administrator with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Strong education professional skilled in Customer Service, Staff Development, Teaching, Higher Education, and Curriculum Development.

The Founder

Adam Bragg - The Founder
Adam Bragg
San Diego, CA

Hi! My name is Adam Bragg and I created EdCheck to help students reach new heights. I graduated from Princeton University, and as a private tutor I have seen firsthand how much students can achieve when they are properly encouraged and engaged. I care deeply about ensuring equal access to higher grades and more effective education, and I am on a mission to empower learners by putting students and their outcomes first.

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